NyamNyam, 2021
Nyam Nyam (냠냠) is a series of objects that emerges through investigation of contemporary consumption pattern. Photographing the dish before eating, celebrating, and sharing the moment, preserving it for memory seem like ordinary actions, but somehow, and relatively recent it became a contemporary ritual, a new cultural phenomenon.

Pyeori Jung’s project, Nyam Nyam, translates everyday food and courses, as seen on digital media such as Instagram or YouTube, into designed objects. He ‘freezes’ the beautiful element of food he finds, such as unique form, material, color, texture, or composition with different materiality. Then, passing on the pleasant experience to the viewers by translating the charismatic visual potential that everyday dishes innate.

It cannot be consumed conventionally, by eating, but it can satisfy a contemporary consumption habit, by seeing.

Pyeori’s food is not for eating but for the eyes.

📸  Eric De Vries & Zhao Zhou

guided by Maarten Kolk, Thomas Vailly, Laura van Santen, Ernie Mellegers, Femke Dekker
special thanks to Guido, Richard and all the other workshop tutors