Stuntman, 2021

This project started from a personal interest in the high surge of digital currency with excessive demand on graphic cards for the cryptocurrency mining process, the dynamic perspectives are entangled within physical and digital materiality. Pyeori highlights what is the story around the flooded system by hybridizing physical and digital techniques through putting the elements in the mixed-media presentation, it evokes visual hints of familiarity.

The digital money mining process needs computer graphic cards to break the encrypted code to get rewards, digital token, that has the same value as 55,000 euros in analogue currency. Because of the mining boom, there is an excessive shortage in supply to meet the demand for graphic cards in both game and digital mining industries.

He investigates the complex narratives in the digital currency by layering various archetypal visual data and symbolic objects to illustrate the amalgamation between physical and digital. By doing so, he refuses to explain the complexity of the generic concept of the system but rather focus on the societal phenomenon around the subject with tangible matter that responds to itself. Contemporary meme as analysis to understand the complexity of value fluctuation, and physical mining as a verb and as a methodology to tie back to the digital mining process.

Furthermore, layering the collected visual data such as the internet memes, stock graphics, hardware of computer parts, or tangible Korean Won currency avoids direct communication yet still evokes associations with the perimeter of cryptocurrency.

tutored by Jesse Howard