The Dog In The Manger, 2021
A series of Objects (a chair, a mirror, a shelves)

This project questions the notion of intimate objects that we possess. Objects are always reflecting personal fetishism. However, the object that we buy nowadays shows the lack of quality of spiritual attachment. The current of contemporary consumption habit mirrors the detachment in the connection between objects and users. We are constantly buying things, but they are often neglected in our inmost space because they perform their functionality too perfect as products.

The grandfather clock that I saw in the Stedelijk Museum, on the other hand, was reversing this contemporary consumption habit. It needs to be winded so that it can act as a clock. If there is no added gesture, it will not move. Through this inconvenience and old-fashioned styles, it irradiates brighter than any other masterpieces in the furniture collection.

Therefore, in this project, I challenge to tweak this disregard trend by distorting archetypal daily objects’ functionality with different materials, techniques, forms, and finishes. The objects that are often situated in the family house are transformed with nonsensicality, absurdity, and lightness so that they can drag one’s attention more and get constant care.

In conclusion, the intentionally created errors make objects alive in-between the border of duality such as life and death, or serious and funny.

tutored by Michel Hoogervorst & Marjan Brandsma