The Banal Grid But The Cosmos, 2022

In "The Banal Grid But The Cosmos," the artist, Pyeori Jung, conveys the reenacted environment of the famous Asian board game, Go (Baduk), with a bespoke setup in a parallel space from the East to the West. Following the ambiance of the former auto body shop where physical labor remains, he entirely focuses on recreating the match scene with idiosyncratic materiality. With this hands-on approach to rematerializing a highly intellectual yet concise game, he continually attempts to transfer the cultural panorama with witty language.

Nevertheless, in front of the 19 by 19 lines of the geometric grid universe, there are no humans but only games. Nothing matters like East or West, but the win or lose.

Production help by Vincent De Rijk
Exhibited during Dutch Design Week 2022 (website link) (website link2)